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our MP has written 2 letters opposing the developjment which can be found on West Berks website


For those of you who haven't heard or know the Eastern Area Planning Committee unanimously declined U&I's Planning Application, so we have won this battle but no doubt the war will go on,  I don't know if U&I will Appeal or sell the site on but all they have to do is hang on untill the next DPD (Development Plan 2026) as West Berks are going to remove the Strategic Gap status from the Hill, so it will be up for grabs for any and all developersl  I know it's a long way off but West Berks put their plans up for comment and if enough people write in on the page that they can put their comments on, saying they are not happy with this recommendation it could alter their decision.  But that is a long way off and the Hill will not be safe and I fear that it could still be built on via U&I on Appeal or any time after.

There is currently a Neighbourhood Plan in process at the moment which has listed Pincents Hill as a possible site for a Local Green Space.  This is not a certainty as the writer has
 reservations about West Berks actually ratifying this, as they and the owners have to be involved in this process 

However, one step at a time - we won this time

A big thank you as always to Alok for speaking via Zoom at Wednesdays evening meeting and for requesting a Call In, I suspect that that helped focus minds, although the Committee members made it an easy meeting to attend - especially with the verdict!  Many thanks with gratitude to them.




Our  MP - the RT HON ALOK SHARMA  has written to MICHAEL GOVE  asking for a Call  In on this Planning Application.

For those of you who don't follow planning issues and apologies to those of you who do;  a Call in is when the decision on a planning application is taken out of the local authorities hands.  If Michael Gove decides that there are sufficient grounds to grant a Call in, he will appoint a planning inspector to be "the judge" and U&I will be able to present their case with the residents doing the same with reasons to object.  A date will be announced for this to happen.  After this has taken place the Inspector  will then make his recommendation to the Minister (Michael Gove) and the decision will be announced.  It might work or it may not but matters like its past history, strategic gap and loss of landscape will we think have more chance to succeed this way.  A big thank you to all of you for all your hard work and supporting the case, it's heart breaking to think the countryside on our doorstep could disappear, however with help from our dedicated MP we at least stand a better chance.  Not everyone can see how much has contributed to saving Pincents Hill and for that the Group are extremely Grateful that he has been there for us


Please note that Councillor Joanne Stewart informed us earlier this evening that the meeting scheduled for 8th December to decide the fate of our beautiful hill has been postponed until after the By-election due to take place later in December for Tilehurst South and Holybrook.  This is incidental to this planning application and is more a procedural issue with the Planning Committe .

It would appear that the next scheduled planning meeting for 12th January has already been cancelled which makes the next date to hold a meeting could be 25th January 2022.  However, an extraordinary unscheduled meeting could be convened but we will update this webside when matters become a little clearer. In the meantime we would be grateful if you could let anyone who wanted to attend in person or tune in to the meeting know that this meeting is no longer taking place.



Please see letter below from West Berkshire County Council regarding the proposed site visit to Pincents Hill on Wednesday 1st December at 09.30 a.m.

This would seem to indicate that the Eastern Area Planning Committee meeting to decide the fate of Pincents Hill will be held on 8th December at Newbury - but we shall wait for confirmation of this.  There is the possibility that this will be broadcast on Zoom.

26th November 202

Development and Planning Service
Council Offices
Market Street
Berkshire  RG14 5LD

Our Ref: 19/00113/OUTMAJ
Your Ref: 
Tel: 01635 503023
Fax:  01635 519408


Dear Sir/Madam 


PROPOSAL: A hybrid application comprising the following elements: Outline application for up to 165 dwellings on the western part of the site and a mixed use building comprising 450sqm (GIA) of floorspace in use class D1 to provide a community healthcare hub and residential above (included in the 165 dwellings); Engineering operations on the area covered by the outline application to create suitable gradients for internal site roads and development platforms for the residential development; and FUL application for change of use of the eastern part (8ha) of the site for use as public parkland, to be protected from development in perpetuity. All matters except for access to the site are to be reserved. Matters for which detailed approval are sought are: The detailed design of the vehicular access to the site from Pincents Lane and associated turning area, the location emergency vehicular access to the site and the locations of pedestrian and cycling accesses to the site.

 SITE:  Land East Of, Pincents Lane, Tilehurst , The Site Visit Meeting Point, Will Be at Calcot Centre, Highview, Calcot, RG31 4XD,

The Committee wishes to visit the site before reaching a decision on the above application and a visit has been arranged for 01.12.2021 at 09:30:00 (hh:mm:ss).

The purpose of the visit, which you may wish to attend, is for the Committee to inspect the site.  The site visit is not a forum to discuss the merits of the application. Furthermore, members of the public need to be aware that access to the site is at the discretion of the land owner or their representative, who may refuse permission for third parties to enter a site.

Members of the public do have the right to speak, for or against an application, at the relevant  Planning Committee.

 If you choose to be at the site visit with the intention of pointing out any features you think the Committee Members should observe, you should wait in a public area close to the site access and make yourself known when the group arrives.  No special arrangements can be made in advance.  Interested parties may request that the Committee view a site from adjoining land or buildings but it is entirely up to the discretion of the Chairman to decide whether it is necessary.  Please note that if such a visit is agreed to by the Chairman, before entering the adjoining site/property, the Chairman and Planning Officer will first establish with the owner/occupier of the property/site being entered that there are no issues of Covid-19 present. Particular access to that adjoining site is also at the discretion of that landowner.

On those occasions where a number of sites are visited in the same day, it may not be possible to strictly adhere to the timetable given above. The Committee may arrive earlier, or later than the intended time, and may proceed with the visit without further delay. The time given for the visit should therefore be taken to be approximate only.

At the current time, and in light of the ongoing situation with coronavirus, a number of protocols and measures have had to be put in place to ensure that any risks to the health and safety (in relation to Covid-19) of Members, Council Officers and the public can be minimised whilst attending the site visit.  It is additionally and respectfully requested that anyone in attendance at a Planning Committee site visit takes some personal responsibility as well to look after themselves and others in attendance by observing social distancing, using hand sanitiser regularly and wearing a face covering when advised or requested.

Please ensure that if you are intending to attend the site visit that you do not attend if you or anyone in your household are displaying any one of the symptoms of Covid-19 (a high temperature, a new continuous cough or a loss or change to their sense of smell or taste) or are feeling unwell generally and/or are isolating in line with NHS advice following a positive test and/or have been in contact with anyone with Covid-19 in the last 10 days and/or have been contacted by NHS Test and Trace and asked to self-isolate.

Please note that if you do attend the site visit and test positive for coronavirus through a PCR test within 2 days after the site visit, we would respectfully ask that you inform us of this by contacting us at 

All attendees are kindly requested and expected to have a face covering with them at all times during the visit.  Please note that a face covering will be mandatory (unless exemptions apply) when entering inside any property and that applicants/owners/occupiers of any site/property being visited can request all attendees entering the site/property to wear a face covering (unless exemptions apply) regardless of whether the visit is inside or outside.  In addition, the Chairman, in consultation with the Planning Officer, may also request face coverings to be worn (unless exemptions apply) on sites where such a measure is considered necessary taking into account factors such as the size of the site, number of attendees and the nature of the visit to include whether there is a need to enter an enclosed space during the visit.  Please be respectful and considerate of any such requests that are made.


We would also respectfully request that anyone attending the site visit, regardless of their vaccination status, adhere to the same requirements as our Officers and Members attending the visit who will be asked to observe social distancing wherever possible, regularly use hand sanitiser and to wear a face covering when required/requested.  In terms of the precautions to take, please note that you can choose to take further precautions such as wearing a face covering at all times during the visit, use of hand sanitiser and observing social distancing.  All attendees should be mindful of an individual’s choice in this regard and we kindly ask that they be respectful and considerate of this at all times.

If you have any further queries regarding the arrangements for the site visit, please do not hesitate to contact me.

 Yours faithfully

 Lydia Mather

 Case Officer



1.          An extension of time has now been agreed to the 10th December. As such the applicant is not currently able to appeal against non-determination. The website will be updated with the new date.

2.        Highways have not yet provided updated advice, they intend to respond this week.

3.         All of the documents (except those relating to biodiversity were/are on the website – that is the Transport Assessment Addendum, Amended Framework Travel Plan, and Environmental Statement Addendum.

4.        The Council does not release information relating to protected species under the 12(5)(g) of the Environmental Information Regulations 2004. The local Wildlife Trust and the Council’s Ecologist are reviewing the biodiversity aspects of the proposal.

5.        The application will be determined by the Eastern Area Planning Committee. It likely, but not definite, that the application may go to the 8th December meeting.





We have just been informed that the an extesnion of time to the deadline to forward objections to West Berks has been extended to the 10th December which probably means that unless an extraordinary planning meeting is called to decide the future of Pincents Hill then no planning meeting will take place before January.  We shall of course check this out and verify dates, etc.


Jo Stewart and Tony Linden have just been informed that the developers have formally aubmitted amended plans reducing the proosed development from 265 dwellings to 165 dwellings.  This is to seek to address the objection from Highways on the impact on Pincents Lane.

Highways were informally consulted on the updated traffic modelling and they have indicated that the additional queue lengths and waiting times are unlikely to raise an objection from them.

A formal consultation will start next week  Monday 11th October.  As usual this will include letters (e-mailed where possible) to anyone who has made a contribution to date, and the display of 'amended plans'site notices around the site, for 21 days.

There is an existing extension of time to the determination date of the end of October.  This will now coincide with the end of the consultation period so it's expected the earliest Committee date to decide the outcome of this amended Planning Application would be the November meeting.

The newly revised plans are on the WBC site;

the breakdown on the housing numbers:
50 two-bedroom houses;
71 three-bedroom houses;
34 four'bedroom houses
10 five bedroom houses

It is proposed to provide a community facility for the residents of the site but there will not be a GP unit.

For those or you who would like to object to any development on Pincents Hill and have already written in objecting to the proposed 265 homes application, can the writer please ask you to make a big effort and write in again to oppose the 165 houses because otherwise it could be read that you only objected to the 265 houses but you don't have any objection to the lower number.

Some reasons to object will be listed more fully later once the writer has thoroughly read through the newly amended documents but here are some in the meantime and if you are going to use some of those below, if possible please use your own words as they carry more weight that way.  Thank you.  More will be added as the writer hasn't read all the documentation yet and to make an impact on West Berks we need to get as many letters in as we can.

 1.           Even with the reduced numbers of dwelling and increased open                  space of 1 hectare any  development means to loss of  open                          green  space and its effect on the wildlife.

2.           The development would still be in a strategic gap and the DPD                      still  has 5 years left to  run so this application is still premature.

3.           The combined effect of new build houses in Theale, Calcot and             Tilehurst increases the  traffic to an already extremely busy                  Saunsbury's Savacentre in Pincents Lane which  highways has              already mentioned made the local and national news at times              being  gridlocked and causing tailbacks without any possible                development on Pincents Hill.

4.           There will be another Planning Application for Pincents Manor in          the New Year which will  also add to the volume of traffic.

5.           Many schools in the area are still oversubscribed and no doctors         surgery is to exist on  the   development.

6.           The Council's own Policy Department advised Planning that this            development was  against the National Planning Policy rules.

7.            The noise factor for the new houses still applies i.e. windows to            be permanently  locked to   avoid  the maximum noise levels               (unless U&I have come up with a plan to  mitigate this).  Even             if they have, sitting out in gardens would be extremely noisy.

8.           With climate change and the much heavier rainfalls ponds have           been appearing on  the hill and  the run off has increased                     significantly which could lead to flooding at the lower levels.

9.           Any development on the hill would be against West Berks green           policiesl

10.         Our Prime Minister last week on 7th October said "no building on              green fields or Green  Belt  land" and to use Brownfield land.                        Possibly as a backlash to losing  Amersham and Bucks.


                                                UPDATE 25th JUNE 2021 

West Berkshire updated its website yesterday to alter the expiry date for this application to Saturday October 30th 2021.  This date as previously explained is moveable but it is a date for TOWN to work to but anything can happen before this date.  However, at the moment no further documentation has been listed in the documents received list, but no doubt some will appear in due course.  When this happens, any one who has written in will receive a letter from West Berks telling us that the website has been further amended and asking for comments giving people time to write in.  This website will be updated when the situation is a little clearer.

UPDATE 12th MAY 2021

For any of you who are as mystified as the writer, as to what is happening with TOWN's application - they have been given an extension to make further amendments in view of some of the points raised by opponents to their plans.  This extension is due to expire on the 30th June. Whilst it is possible the application may go to committee in June but it is not scheduled to do so at this time. The date may be further extended so the expiration date is moveable.

West Berks Planning Department appreciates that this is causing uncertainty. However, if the expiry date is extended it will be updated on their website

 If further amendments come in they will be saved to the website so they can be viewed by the general public who will then be given the compulsory 21 day period to make further comments on any amendments made by TOWN.  All those who have commented on the application will receive a letter listing the amended documents/plans and there would be a deadline date given for comments to be received by and if a committee date is confirmed then al who commented on the application will be notified

For those of you haven't  but  would like to make a comment on the plans it isn't too late to do this you can either to this now or wait until West Berks website is updated with TOWN's latest amendments.

UPDATE 10th MARCH 2021

Obviously the Eastern Area Planning Committee did not meet on Monday 8th March and is rumoured to now take place on a date to be announced in April.  However, once we have been informed of the date to decide this planning application we will update this site accordingly.   In the meantime we assume that further letters of opposition can still be submitted.



The next thing that will happen is that all the comments will be read and a précis of all the comments will be put before the committee with a recommendation from the planning department to either recommend refusal or acceptance of the planning application.

Then those people who would like to make further comments to a remote planning committee meeting
you need to send a 500 word (maximum) written submission to the Council’s Planning Team details as below. (you can only do this if you have a registered objection on the portal

The covering letter or email should quote the application reference and the date of the remote meeting and, if you want to attend the remote meeting as detailed further below, provide an email address.

The written submission must be sent by no later than 12:00 p.m,  on (our unconfirmed date is Monday 8th March) which is two days before the remote meeting on Wednesday 10th March (again date to be confirmed.  Should this meeting have to be postponed for any reason the timing for submissions remains the same (e.g. by 12:00 on the Monday for a remote planning committee meeting to be held the following Wednesday).

         by email to; or
         by post, delivery, etc, to the Council’s Market Street office

                                                       Planning Committee
                                             West Berkshire District Council 
                                             Council Offices
                                             Market Street 

                                             Berkshire  RG14 5LD

                                             Ref:  19/00113/OUTMAJ

Registering  to participate in the remote meeting

so long as you have:
•      sent in a written submission as set out above; and
•       provided an email address at the same time;

you will receive a web-link by email to register to participate in the remote meeting.

You must then register by no later than 16:00 on the working day before the meeting to receive a meeting invite – this will be unique to you and must not be shared with anyone.

Where more than one person from the same group of interested parties has sent in a submission and provided an email address, each will be able to register.

Joining the remote meeting

On the day of the remote meeting you will need to join the meeting ten minutes before it starts - you will be held in a virtual ante-room (please see the  
the Protocol for details about what Attendees need to do to join the remote meeting).

Process in the remote meeting

At the appropriate stage of the remote meeting:

•        the Clerk or another officer will, in turn, read out each submission or, if there is more than one  submission from any group of interested parties (“group”), a summary of those submissions;

•          you (and any other members of the group who have registered to participate) will be changed   from being an Attendee to being a Panellist (you may lose sight of the remote meeting for a   moment whilst this takes place) but you will not be treated as being “in the meeting” until you  are called on to speak;

•          the Chairman will refer to your submission and ask the Committee members if they have any   questions relating to it(or questions for any other member(s) of your group on their  submissions);

•      once all questioning is concluded you will cease to be "in the room" and be made an Attendee  again.

N.B. there is no right to be asked a question – that is up to the members of the committee

Please see the link below to where people are able to watch all Council meetings on Youtube.
The Easten Area Planning meeting for the 10 March will be added to the list of meetings you can see
Here soon.


                     URGENT UPDATE

25th JANUARY 2021

We could just about to lose the fight to save
Pincents Hill!

Please see below letter from West Berkshire Council which the writer believes to be self explanatory but explanatory notes are listed under.  Even if you have already submitted your letters opposing the development please do e-mail or write in again as we have been told that West Berks anticipate and expect this planning application to go through which would be heart breaking.  If each person who knows about the development could let just 5 other people know (if possible), and ask if they would kindly write in that could boost the numbers considerably.  All letters to be received by Council by 16th February 2021

26th January 2021



By email:


Development and Planning Service
West Berkshire District Council 
Council Offices
Market Street 

Berkshire  RG14 5LD

Our Ref:  19/00113/OUTMAJ
Your Ref:
Tel: 01635 503023Fax:  01635 519408



 Planning application under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990
Consultation on additional information received 




Land East of Pincents Lane, Tilehurst


A hybrid application comprising: Outline application for up to 265 dwellings on the western part of the site and a mixed use building comprising 450sqm (GIA) of floorspace in use class D1 to provide a community healthcare hub and residential above; Engineering operations on the area covered by the outline application to create suitable gradients for internal site roads and development platforms for the residential development;

All matters except for access to the site are to be reserved. Matters for which detailed approval are sought: detailed design of the vehicular access to the site from Pincents Lane and associated turning area, the location of the emergency vehicular access to the site and the locations of pedestrian and cycling access to the site, and

Full application for change of use of the eastern part (7ha) of the site for use as public parkland, to be protected from development in perpetuity.


This is to inform you that the above application has yet to be determined, with ongoing work having been taking place since the consultation last year. Additional information has been submitted to the Council and this is a final consultation before a decision is to be made on the application. The additional information may be viewed online at the following address:


The main changes to the application include:

·       Clarification of proposed residential uses – to include homes for older people, custom & self-build;

·    Proposed Heads of Terms for a s.106 legal agreement (including how the community building could be offered as a GP surgery);

·       The final transport study;

·        Third party review of the transport study commissioned by the Council;
A revised Site Travel Plan;
Design and Access Statement addendum on how crime & antisocial behaviour   is  proposed to be addressed;

·       Additional details on Public Rights of Way across the site;

·       Additional details on the proposed Emergency Vehicles only access;

·       Addition of Root Protection Zones to the highway access drawings;

·       Minor adjustments to some of the parameter plans.

·       Consequential amendments to the supporting documentation.


For your information and ease of reference the additional documents are listed in the table below:







Further Documentation

VISSIM Micro-Simulation Traffic Modelling Scoping Note

Pell Frischmann A13405/VAA


Further Documentation

WSP VISSIM Model Review Report



Further Documentation

Emails dated 3rd and 11th December 2020 additional Information/Response to WSP Report and Highways Comments

Pell Frischmann


Further Documentation

VISSIM Micro-Simulation Traffic Modelling Update Report with appendices A & B

Pell Frischman A13405/VAA/T01/RA02


Amended Plan

Amended Proposed Site Access: Site Arrangement

T-003 Rev G


Amended Plan

Amended Proposed Site Access: Swept Path Analysis

T-004 Rev G


Amended Plan

Amended Primary Route: Swept Path Analysis

T-005 Rev E


Amended Plan

Amended Illustrative Block Plan / Masterplan

048 Rev C


Amended Plan

Amended Parameter Plan: Access & Movement

037 Rev C


Amended Plan

Amended Parameter Plan: Green Infrastructure

038 Rev D


Amended Plan

Amended Parameter Plan: Development Height

044 Rev C


Amended Plan

Amended Framework Travel Plan (version 3 13/3/20)

Pell Frischmann A13405/VAA/T01/R03


Further Documentation

Addendum Design and Access Statement: Crime & Disorder 27/3/20



Further Documentation

Public Rights of Way: Further Details



Further Documentation

Emergency Access: Further Details



Amended Plan

Amended Flood Risk Assessment & Drainage Strategy & Appendices

Civic Engineers 1041-01 P03


Further Documentation

Section 106 Heads of Terms



Further Documentation

Letter outlining breakdown of residential uses



Further Documentation

Note outlining breakdown of development proposed



Further Documentation

Proposed development plan

5956.059 Rev A


Further Documentation

Climate change resilience strategy design note



Further Documentation

Illustrative site plan community hub & residential



Further Documentation

Illustrative block plan community hub & residential



Further Documentation

Illustrative community hub & residential view A



Further Documentation

Illustrative community hub & residential view B




If you wish to make comments on the additional information please write to the Planning Service at the above address or email by 16th February 2021 and quoting the above application number. Any letters received after this date may not be able to be taken into account in the decision making process. I can also confirm that any previous comments you have made will be taken into account when any decision is made on this application. 


Yours sincerely



Lydia Mather
Senior Planning Officer


he developers have amended their plans and have targeted places and people outside our immediate local area like Thatcham residents to write in and support the 265 homes plan in our area  Over 200 letters of support for the development have been received, we really need to rebut these and increase our number of letters of refusal, even if you have already written in. 

Unfortunately at this moment in time we only have the statutory 21 days (16th February) to bolster our number of objections.

Basically, the amended plans show the layout of the proposed building site and the access to it.  It is intended that a single lane access with pavements will be the only vehicular access from the Sainsbury’s end of Pincents Lane with access from the metal gates in Pincents Lane as a back up access for emergency vehicles only. The main footpath running from North to South (quickest way to Sainsbury’s) will be crossed twice by roads on the development.  The Group do not think what is mainly a footpath is suitable to have high speed vehicles perhaps having to avoid pedestrians, dog walkers, mothers with toddlers and prams and occasionally horses have to hastily jump to one side.  Also, although only the residents to Pincents and other people who regularly use Pincents Lane are aware that an underground stream from a field at the top of the Lane on the right hand side runs down the Lane diagonally and the run off ends just before the proposed emergency access.  In winter this freezes.  In fact West Berks may actually be aware of this as a few years ago the stream actually lifted the hard surface off the lane and quite a large area of the hard core slipped and had to be replaced,  Accidents have happend when it has been icy, once when a small car actually slipped very gracefully into a tree, the rescue vehicle when called followed suit and a very large vehicle with snow chains finally reversed up the Lane with both vehicles in turn.  The Lane was closed for nearly 5 hours.

The plans also show the topography of the site with the intended levels and the height (one, two or three storeys) of the proposed buildings, with stepped plateaus so the natural lines of the hill will be lost.

The group’s main concerns are firstly the traffic flow from Sainsbury’s roundabout especially with construction vehicles.  A question has been asked of West Berks (so far unanswered) - what is the anticipated access for constructions vehicles and it can only be one of two ways.  Firstly adding to the confusion of the Sainsbury’s traffic, or secondly up Langley Hill, into City Road and into Pincents Lane.  Neither to the groups thinking is acceptable.

Secondly because even West Berks Landscape report said that there are areas of the development even after fifteen years growth of trees that will not be hidden and will still be clearly visible, but the new plans show that the land will be plateaud and stepped (rather like rice fields and tea plantations) to form platforms to be built on.  There are areas that will have 3 storey buildings which again may still not be hidden by the promised new tree line even by excavating and lowering ground levels.  The new tree line will be mainly leylandii and not a woodland mix.

Thirdly, a loss of our landscape, character and sense of place which will totally change the atmosphere to not only Tilehurst and Calcot, but Holybrook and the surrounding area.  It is a much valued and loved natural open space with many different habitats which makes it a unique gem in both its landscape and irreplaceable soul of the community. Especially over the past year with Covid19 and lockdowns, it has been an absolute godsend. 

Fourthly, questions asked of TOWN from West Berks have not been totally answered the answers given have been somewhat modified but various organisations like the Police, Thames Water, and departments at West Berks may still have concerns with various aspects of the proposed plan

Fifthly, infrastructure concerns such as the provision of school places, GPs and suitable access to the site.  No comments from the Council have been publicly forthcoming on schools - other than for them to say that it is ANTICIPATED that this matter will be covered by CIL payments to the Council by the developer (formerly known as S106 payments).  Another comment when directly questioned about schooling in the area was that pupils could be bussed to schools.  Also there are doubts about the powers that be actually allowing a designated medical centre.

We have set out below the heading for reply for both e-mail and post and would be grateful for your help, if you can perhaps let at least 5 others know if possible in order to reach as many people to show West Berks how much us residents value our hill we need objections to the alterations and the development to save it.

Please, we need your help to save Pincents Hill/ Thank you.

The Combined Save Pincents Hill and Save Calcot Action GroupS



Head of Development and Planning,
West Berkshire Council,
Council Offices,
Market Street,

Newbury RG14 5LD


Dear Sir,

Case No. 19/00113/OUTMAJ – Land East of
Pincents Lane, Tilehurst, Reading.

I/We OBJECT to the planning application at Pincents Lane, Tilehurst (ref: 19/00113) for the reasons set out in this letter.

BY 18th FEBRUARY 2019
(please see update page)

Friday January 15th 2019
Planning Application validated
(please see update page)


Tuesday September 18th September 2018

New development of 285 homes for Pincents Hill

Please see news and updates page for further information

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Pincents Hill is a green oasis of calm in an ever increasing sprawl of urbanisation.

Separating the villages of Theale, Calcot and Tilehurst to the west of Reading, it is the last remaining area of unspoiled countryside that is easily accessible that supports many species of wildlife and flora.

This site is dedicated to ensuring Pincents Hill remains as nature intended, and is not developed or built on. You can support this vision by visiting our
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